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3 Ways to Prepare For Reduced Holiday Staff through IT

When budgeting for the year, companies tend to neglect prospective technology expenses. Although it is a current necessity for running business, communicating with clients, and delivering services, a postpone in technology is due to poor...

No matter what field you are in, there are always ways to improve and have business growth. Whether you want to increase efficiency around the office or you’re preparing for a product launch, you can apply certain strategies and take new initiatives to take your business to the next level. Take a look at our recommendations for your business.

DAS-142821-edited.jpg A distributed antenna system (DAS) is a network of antennas that are all connected, but spaced out to provide greater signal. These systems are especially beneficial for buildings with areas of poor coverage and crowded spaces. Any business can greatly benefit from installing a distributed antenna system, whether it’s a passive DAS, an active DAS, or a hybrid version. Some of the benefits are outlined below.
holiday tech gifts-598064-edited.jpg Take a look at these great holiday tech gift that slide right under that $200 budget. We have compiled a list of the ten best 2016 technology items that will fit perfectly under the tree or into that stocking for a special someone.

2017-522080-edited.jpg 2016 is coming to an end and it is important to know what to expect for the upcoming year. Taking a look at the technology trends in 2017, we can already predict growth in multiple areas. As technology advances and becomes capable of completing tasks and doing more, you will notice the following movements from the workplace to home life.
Don't worry about business technology Are you constantly worrying about your business and trying to find ways to improve daily operations? With so many decisions to make, departments to monitor, and tasks to be completed, business owners don’t need more to manage. One outlet of relief for owners with overwhelming responsibilities, is not having to worry about the safety and security of their business technology. Here’s what we recommend in order to have one less burden on your shoulders.
VoIP-530218-edited.jpg To put it simply, a VoIP system allows you to utilize the internet as a medium for phone calls. This is done by sending voice data using IP instead of an analog phone line. This method has many benefits, especially compared to a traditional system. An IP-based communication system increases efficiency by simplifying your businesses’ communication tools and encouraging collaboration among employees.  Providing remote access to an entire communication system makes it easier for employees to stay connected. In addition, an IP-based system allows you to better secure your network and data.

network cables-1.jpg Setting up a network involves more than reliable hardware. It is a complicated task with a lot of room for error and potential mistakes. Data cabling is an art that requires attention to detail and certified engineers to deliver a quality network. Every business needs a network that is efficient and reliable. With technology being a crucial part of business, it is important to have a properly cabled network to ensure quick communication. Here are some common mistakes to be aware of before installing a network.
sharepoint office-934199-edited.jpg Top companies are using Microsoft SharePoint to increase efficiency and online collaboration. Microsoft SharePoint has a variety of uses that different companies can take advantage of to bring value to their business. More than 75% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft SharePoint as a platform to increase operational agility and utilize SharePoint consultants to maximize efficiency.