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3 Ways to Prepare For Reduced Holiday Staff through IT

leaf tables.pngLeading companies worldwide are increasing their initiatives towards a more sustainable business. Sustainability encompasses practices that contribute to a well-preserved environment while also saving energy costs for businesses. Sustainable development allows businesses to run without compromising resources for future generations. Corporate social responsibility is important for any business because it promotes sustainable development and benefits the company in terms of overall success.
avoid_social_schemes-937488-edited.jpg With security breaches on the rise and the cost of a breach averaging $415,000 for each organization, companies are struggling to find a sustainable security system. Even with the best IT security in place, criminals are still finding a way to gain control. What many companies don’t know is that social engineering attacks are extremely damaging, gaining popularity, and cannot be prevented from IT security systems alone.


Cloud computing is taking over both the personal and professional worlds in Los Angeles. The benefits of cloud computing are becoming more evident and companies are moving entirely to the cloud. The difference between cloud computing and traditional computing is the location of data storage. Traditionally, data was stored using on premise servers that take up physical space in the office. Cloud computing eliminates the need for hardware because all data is stored and accessed over the Internet.

tablet_conference-248008-edited.jpg As millennials enter the workforce, the demand for high quality video conferencing will rise because of the expectations of a video-enabled work environment. Remote communication is gaining popularity due to busier schedules and inconvenient travel. Companies hold more meetings virtually. They best execute this through high quality video conferencing. If you want to keep up with successful business trends, utilizing this solution will put you in the right direction.
unified_comm-856589-edited.jpg Ever feel like office operations slow down at times or there is a disconnect among employees? While there are many possible causes for decreased productivity, the number one key to success is communication. With so many distractions, it is becoming more difficult to stay focused and connected, especially in the workplace. Businesses can help by utilizing a unified communications system to improve overall operations and success. Collaboration solutions will not only make it easier for employees to work together, but will also reduce costs and improve efficiency overall.
business it support bridge the gap Technology is constantly improving and advancing. Which means that businesses need to adopt updated systems and equipment in order to stay competitive. This poses a challenge for small and medium sized businesses that are searching to find qualified IT employees while trying to focus on operations at the same time. The skills gap between workers and technology will only continue to increase with time. Why waste resources on inexperienced staff trying to keep up with evolving technology when you can save time and money by outsourcing business IT support entirely?
How to recover deleted files If your last PowerPoint went missing or you can’t seem to locate your updated report, you may have deleted files that you need to get back. If you don't have a disaster recovery plan in place, you’ll want to apply these tips to increase the likelihood of data recovery. Learn how to recover deleted files and ensure data recovery.

Keeping up to date with technology is crucial for businesses to remain competitive and successful. The 2016 technology trends are paving the way for new and innovative solutions throughout the workplace. Specifically, presentation systems are being enhanced with new features that increase engagement, simplify controls, and create aesthetically pleasing solutions. Differentiate your company by hosting efficient and engaging meetings that employ these technology trends.