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3 Ways to Prepare For Reduced Holiday Staff through IT

secure remote access Welcome to part two of our three-part series about technologies that your business needs to be successful. We have discussed collaboration, and now we would like to focus on the topic of secure remote access. In fact, with all of the remote employees and mobile work capabilities we have today, how would we collaborate without having secure access to our companies’ servers and technical resources? In order to operate efficiently while still offering your workforce remote options, you must find a way to help them securely access your company’s network.

Have you lost yet another member of your IT staff recently? Perhaps it was one of the best employees on your team? Most organizations have high turnover among IT staff, and the problem only seems...

Are you interested in a custom developed mobile app for your business? Having a mobile app helps you to differentiate yourself from your competition and drive brand awareness for your company. Now that you know...

Are you ready to present your quarterly reports to your company executives? Perhaps you are bringing in prospective clients to pitch your services? Either way, you need to give a killer presentation, and not just...

succeed in business with this technology There are so many technological options for businesses and independent consumers alike, and it can be tough to navigate all of the sales and product pitches. You may even be overwhelmed enough to get stuck when deciding what you need. If so, you are not alone. Many business owners and executives just want to know what will get them the best return on their technological investments. We would like to introduce our three-part series about technologies that will help your company succeed in business.
Basic Linux Commands and Linux Consulting Services You may be wondering exactly what Linux is and why people are using it. Linux is an open source operating system, meaning that its users can modify the source code. This system connects all of the hardware on your device to your software and is the reason your system is able to run. That being said, you should know the top basic Linux commands in order to ensure a smooth running system.
Pokemon Go Business IT Security With the new hype of Pokémon Go, thousands of users are downloading and using this app daily while causing potential security risks at the same time. An employee may be trying to catch a Pokémon while simultaneously allowing third party access into your company’s data. Although you can’t control the actions of every employee, you can control the proactive solutions in place to prevent the following risks from occurring.
meeting-room-automation.jpg The new professional trend is Room Automation for Businesses. Top companies are combining state-of-the-art technology with their existing meeting or conference rooms to add innovation to the workplace while promoting green technology at the same time. Room automation creates easy regulation of multiple electronic devices by providing one simple interface that controls the technology.
future-network-security-threats-to-your-business.jpg With the rise of the internet comes the risks and threats associated with it. The number of users, devices, and connections to the internet is expected to triple in about three years. It's important to prepare for a massive boom; protect against network security threats by ensuring a protection plan.