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3 Ways to Prepare For Reduced Holiday Staff through IT

Blue digital funnel against dark background. Technology concept-346343-edited.jpeg Network cabling creates a medium through which information moves from one network device to another. The types of network cabling chosen for an infrastructure associates with the network's topology, procedure, and size. Different types of network cables are the backbone of a network's infrastructure.
Sharepoint pic.png Do you know how to use SharePoint? When learning something new, it is essential to get a firm grasp of the fundamentals so you can build up your understanding and technical skills. Below, we take a look at the fundamental concepts that make Microsoft SharePoint what it is today.
choosing-the-right-it-consulting-company-305144-edited.jpg Looking for the right IT consultant company to help your business dерlоу nеw hardware, uрgrаdе ѕоftwаrе, оr install a new nеtwоrkіng ѕуѕtеm іѕ no ѕmаll task. All tоо оftеn, the futurе оf уоur business rеlіеѕ оn уоur ability to make thе right decisions — not necessarily аbоut the technology bеіng used, but thе technology раrtnеr уоu сhооѕе to work with. It takes more than claiming to be "IT соnѕultаnt" to actually solve problems, overcome tесhnоlоgу сhаllеngеs and work wеll wіth a company's IT department оr mаnаgеmеnt team. Sо, hоw dо уоu fіnd the right IT соnѕultаnt company that undеrѕtаndѕ уоur buѕіnеѕѕ аnd саn аddrеѕѕ уоur specific IT nееds?
networking-556292-edited.jpg Many businesses rely on a solid network for daily operations and to complete business functions. Follow these computer networking tips to minimize the risk of an attack and improve operational efficiency.


Serving as an essential part of any business, technology plays a key role in research & development, sales, marketing, and many other aspects of daily operations. Being such an important aspect, companies are faced with the choice of keeping their IT in house or outsourcing to a third party. There are pros and cons of outsourcing IT and one can decide which option best fits their needs using the information below.
Mechanic reparing car while consulting futuristic interface-836881-edited.jpeg Imagine if all your employees were driving cars on the job. Would you let them drive without a license? Would you let them drive without proper training? My guess is that’s a no… so why take a different approach with your business technologies? Each and every one of your employees should be properly trained to identify potential threats. Especially today, the risk of a cyber-attack is very high and can happen to any individual or company.
Digitally generated server room with many towers-655739-edited.jpeg Before moving a data center, businesses should understand that it is a complex project that requires planning in advance. Many companies underestimate the work involved with data center migration. Besides internal preparation, outside support from IT professionals is highly advised during a relocation. A recent survey conducted by Datum shows that businesses would like more support during data center migrations.
Image of businesspeople at presentation looking at virtual project-898559-edited.jpeg Collaboration solutions improve efficiency in the workplace by streamlining communication and connecting employees in a more productive manner. Rather than filling an inbox with emails that need filtering, technology makes it easier to receive important information; without having to sort through hundreds of unread messages. Take a look at the following solutions and conferencing technologies that are improve the workplace and reduce overall costs.