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For the past several years, companies have realized the value in hiring third-party consultants, which is why there has been a steady rise across all industries. AV consultants in particular have proven valuable because of their wide range of expertise. AV integration consists of many components that some in-house departments do not fully prepare to handle. An AV consulting firm can be extremely valuable for long-term or in-depth projects for companies of all sizes. 

CPI Conference Rooms

Businesses depend on being able to connect with employees and clients on a daily basis. When communication is interrupted, business operations are put at risk. Business meetings are a common way to connect people in order to discuss important decisions, present to clients, and more. Is your conference room up-to-date with the latest technology to improve efficiency and impress your clients? Take a look at these tips to improve your conference rooms and customize your meeting experience.

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The workplace has been changing with the rapid innovations in technology and how we communicate. From virtual conferences to unified communication systems, technology has infused into our daily lives. Business protocols and standards must change as well in order to stay competitive and up to speed. Here are ways to improve your business with Audio Visual technology.

CPI - Audio Visual Tips

Presentation is key when it comes to leaving a lasting impression, good or bad. If you're hosting a conference or conducting a meeting and your AV equipment is sub par or you have a major technical difficulty, you risk your company's reputation. In order to leave a good impression, we've put together four audio visual tips for conference rooms.

leaf tables.pngLeading companies worldwide are increasing their initiatives towards a more sustainable business. Sustainability encompasses practices that contribute to a well-preserved environment while also saving energy costs for businesses. Sustainable development allows businesses to run without compromising resources for future generations. Corporate social responsibility is important for any business because it promotes sustainable development and benefits the company in terms of overall success.

meeting-room-automation.jpg The new professional trend is Room Automation for Businesses. Top companies are combining state-of-the-art technology with their existing meeting or conference rooms to add innovation to the workplace while promoting green technology at the same time. Room automation creates easy regulation of multiple electronic devices by providing one simple interface that controls the technology.