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Starting off the year ahead of the competition can help your business excel through 2018. It is important to get a fresh start and use your experiences from last year to improve your technology, processes, and strategy. We have created a list of tips that will help put your business in a better place.

data-center-1.jpg What is a Data Center? Data centers is a facility that stores an organization’s server, network, and storage hardware. Data centers accommodate a network’s vital systems and are important for the stability of daily operations. The security and reliability of data centers and the information they hold are a main concern for organizations.

Digitally generated server room with many towers-655739-edited.jpeg Before moving a data center, businesses should understand that it is a complex project that requires planning in advance. Many companies underestimate the work involved with data center migration. Besides internal preparation, outside support from IT professionals is highly advised during a relocation. A recent survey conducted by Datum shows that businesses would like more support during data center migrations.