CPI Collaboration Solutions

There are many moving parts in an organization and it can be overwhelming trying to stay organized. If employees are not working in unison, operations can get chaotic. One of the most important aspects of running a smooth business is being able to communicate efficiently and easily. Does your company have a solid foundation in place to communicate and collaborate with all staff and employees? Make sure you are taking advantage of the following collaboration solutions to improve operational efficiency. 

CPI - AV Tech

The workplace has been changing with the rapid innovations in technology and how we communicate. From virtual conferences to unified communication systems, technology has infused into our daily lives. Business protocols and standards must change as well in order to stay competitive and up to speed. Here are ways to improve your business with Audio Visual technology.

Collaboration solutions improve efficiency in the workplace by streamlining communication and connecting employees in a more productive manner. Rather than filling an inbox with emails that need filtering, technology makes it easier to receive important information; without having to sort through hundreds of unread messages. Take a look at the following solutions and conferencing technologies that are improve the workplace and reduce overall costs.

In the United States, 95% of the adult population owns a cell phone. With so many people using mobile devices, carrier networks can get crowded which may result in bad service. Not only do people use cellular devices for personal reasons, but people use cell phone networks for business, emergencies, and other communication purposes. The need to connect to a wireless service provider network has shifted from a luxury to a necessity.

VoIP-530218-edited.jpg To put it simply, a VoIP system allows you to utilize the internet as a medium for phone calls. This is done by sending voice data using IP instead of an analog phone line. This method has many benefits, especially compared to a traditional system. An IP-based communication system increases efficiency by simplifying your businesses’ communication tools and encouraging collaboration among employees.  Providing remote access to an entire communication system makes it easier for employees to stay connected. In addition, an IP-based system allows you to better secure your network and data.