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Data security accounts for protecting data against a breach, corruption, or unauthorized access. Sub-par data security puts your business at risk for a cyber-breach, software glitch, or even a malware attack. Take a look at this 5-step data security checklist to see if your network is safe from disruption.

Technological devices are made to improve convenience with each upgrade. Unfortunately, more convenience can come with more risk. For example, users look for features such as Bluetooth connectivity when shopping for laptops, phones, smartwatches, etc. Businesses also look for similar features to make it easier for employees to stay connected. The Bluetooth feature increases risk for a cyber security attack: Bluesnarfing.

Double exposure of businessman hand showing leader on server background as concept-053781-edited.jpeg Many business executives fail to acknowledge the risk of a cyber attack. Whether they think their business is too small or their data isn't valuable, they are wrong. Cyber criminals target businesses of all sizes. Even if you think your data is useless to a third party, it is valuable to your organization and this value will be used against you during an attack. Here is a checklist for small businesses to mitigate cyber security risks. 

Modern notebook computer with future technology media symbols.jpeg A worldwide ransomware attack called WannaCry hit more than 150 countries since its release. This massive attack started Friday, May 12th and continues to put organizations and individuals at risk. It has even affected healthcare systems greatly, causing some hospitals in the UK to cancel outpatient appointments. In addition, Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia and Britain have severely suffered from these attacks.

Cyber Security Threats Your inbox is full of valuable information and data whether you realize it or not. Email security plays an important role for any business or individual. Hackers are becoming smarter and using various tactics to gain access to personal/company emails. This can lead to stolen, leaked, or captured data, which can cause severe damage internally. Whether a hacker holds your data for ransom or initiates a wire transfer from your business, email security proves important as it can prevent companies from spending thousands of dollars to recover data. Be aware of the following five cyber security threats.