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Information technology is a critical component of any business. SMBs often overlook them because of the cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house tech department. From improved efficiency to reduced spending, there are many benefits of outsourcing IT. Each business is different and must assess their internal skill sets to determine if partnering with an MSP is the best option for them. Take a look at some of the benefits mid-market businesses receive when working with a managed services provider.

Double exposure of businessman hand showing leader on server background as concept-053781-edited.jpeg Many business executives fail to acknowledge the risk of a cyber attack. Whether they think their business is too small or their data isn't valuable, they are wrong. Cyber criminals target businesses of all sizes. Even if you think your data is useless to a third party, it is valuable to your organization and this value will be used against you during an attack. Here is a checklist for small businesses to mitigate cyber security risks. 

data-center-1.jpg What is a Data Center? Data centers is a facility that stores an organization’s server, network, and storage hardware. Data centers accommodate a network’s vital systems and are important for the stability of daily operations. The security and reliability of data centers and the information they hold are a main concern for organizations.

;cloud_computing-444137-edited.jpg Cloud computing is taking over both the personal and professional worlds in Los Angeles. The benefits of cloud computing are becoming more evident and companies are moving entirely to the cloud. The difference between cloud computing and traditional computing is the location of data storage. Traditionally, data was stored using on premise servers that take up physical space in the office. Cloud computing eliminates the need for hardware because all data is stored and accessed over the Internet.

Pokemon Go Business IT Security With the new hype of Pokémon Go, thousands of users are downloading and using this app daily while causing potential security risks at the same time. An employee may be trying to catch a Pokémon while simultaneously allowing third party access into your company’s data. Although you can’t control the actions of every employee, you can control the proactive solutions in place to prevent the following risks from occurring.