CPI - Prevent Phishing

Hackers are constantly finding new ways to hack into businesses, putting corporate data at risk. There's recently been a phishing attack going around that takes users to a fake Office 365 login page in order to capture username and password data.  Using Los Angeles IT support, your organization can prevent attacks like this, especially if employees are trained to identify potential cyber-attacks. Employee training and education are the most effective ways to prevent attacks. 

CPI - Data Center

What is a Data Center?

Data centers is a facility that stores an organization’s server, network, and storage hardware. Data centers accommodate a network’s vital systems and are important for the stability of daily operations. The security and reliability of data centers and the information they hold are a main concern for organizations.

Your inbox is full of valuable information and data whether you realize it or not. Email security plays an important role for any business or individual. Hackers are becoming smarter and using various tactics to gain access to personal/company emails. This can lead to stolen, leaked, or captured data, which can cause severe damage internally. Whether a hacker holds your data for ransom or initiates a wire transfer from your business, email security proves important as it can prevent companies from spending thousands of dollars to recover data. Be aware of the following five cyber security threats.

Pokemon Go Business IT Security With the new hype of Pokémon Go, thousands of users are downloading and using this app daily while causing potential security risks at the same time. An employee may be trying to catch a Pokémon while simultaneously allowing third party access into your company’s data. Although you can’t control the actions of every employee, you can control the proactive solutions in place to prevent the following risks from occurring.