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The Cloud era is upon is and it's not just a fad, but a completely new way of delivering and consuming data. The cloud makes it possible for IT service providers to deliver services more efficiently. It is important for businesses to understand the basics of the cloud since this technology is currently in use and will continue to gain popularity. You have more than likely been using cloud services in some way or another without even realizing it. Take a look at these 4 examples of what the cloud is not. 

All businesses, whether large or small, need technology on a daily basis. From accounting to marketing to operations, every department relies on technology in some way to conduct business. Companies with services ranging from technology development to catering use technology to operate and transact. That being said, businesses must maintain their technology in order to avoid problems, run smoothly, and be successful. Take a look at the best Los Angeles IT services for small businesses. 

checklist-480678-edited.jpg Technology has become a daily part of our lives whether we are watching the news or having a digital meeting with someone half way across the world. Businesses are optimizing their resources by outsourcing IT so that they can focus on operational projects while knowing their technology is taken care of. Now the question arises, is your technology being handled properly?

IT_assessment_value_for_your_business.jpgHave you ever had an IT or Managed IT Services provider give you a full business IT assessment of your company's technology? If so, you may have learned quite a lot about how your systems work for your business. Many organizations lose the opportunity to learn about their own IT environments. They either do not know about IT assessments or the power that an assessment can give them. If you've not taken advantage of a full network assessment, you should consider doing so now. Here are a few reasons why: